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Lead vocalist and drummer Pursley of No Men (Chicago)
I think Fed Up Fest is just important for queer people in general, just to show face and support people. It’s about support. It’s cool to play here because people get us. When we play in front of a bunch of . . . normie white people, I feel like we get lost in translation. They’re like, “Oh cool, punk music,” but it’s deeper than that. Chicago is so welcoming. All the venues that we play are welcoming. I’m from Austin, and I’ve never seen a festival like this. Hopefully it’s paving the way for more. We need more—people need more.

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photography by Greg Stephen Reigh, 2017

photography by Greg Stephen Reigh, 2017

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Dear God Bring the Doom by No Men is exemplary of the budding femme punk scene revival in Chicago. The band itself is femme fronted, dual drummed and is comprised of a talented 3-some originally hailing from Texas.

The band’s composition lends itself to driving beats and melodic vocals, all of which are tastefully explored throughout the album. A lost art among many, this album progresses along a clear journey. The first track, “Mean Girl”, starts with a playful driving tone, which is closely mirrored into the second track “W.A.B.D.M.Y.C.” (wearing all black doesn’t make you cool). The playful pop tones smoothly decay into a gritty, noisy melody. As the album progresses the noise is more chaotic and explorative with less clean drum beats and more wandering low, sultry vocals. This tone reaches a pitch by the 5th track, “Deeper”, which is decidedly slower and more vocally focused. From there the album sling shots into the other direction with tracks like “Hell is Real” and “Model Citizen” which reach a pitch in yelled vocals and fast, driving dual-drums.

To mirror the musical arc of the album, the content of the lyrics and tone follow a similar wave. The initial tracks are lighthearted in nature – best exemplified in “W.A.B.D.M.Y.C.” – a song dedicated to telling people “wearing all black doesn’t make you cool, but it probably doesn’t hurt”. These songs progress to the slower, more intentional tracks like “Brut” with lines such as “prison cells/who are these animals/that live inside such different skin”. Until the album finally reaches a pitch in the yelled “blood on your hands/ it’s mine/ no men”.

Dear God Bring the Doom is a must listen to album for any Chicago punk enthusiast. It takes you on a journey with a leading hand through the music and content to have an honest to God feeling about music again.

NO MEN – Dear God, Bring the Doom – Dark, smoky, gothic post-punk and bright, danceable, energetic punk rock all at the same time. They have a similar output to MX-80 SOUND or the full generational spectrum of KILLING JOKE: bright gain-y bass that carries a lot of the melody and guitar, spilling into the crest of the energy, all riled up underneath calm and dark vocals, until the whole thing takes off when she starts shouting. It’s a tape that’ll get you excited about your death wish and proud of your darkness. (MD) (10-song cassette, lyrics not included, no-men.bandcamp.com)

Click the picture to snag the zine for $2.99.

we have a nice little writeup in the Chicago Reader pre-Ian’s Party throwdown Saturday the 7th.

“No Men balance succinct songwriting with a rage that threatens to boil over…”

“haunting vocals [&] high-voltage guitars… amplify each song’s shock beyond what No Men’s volume is otherwise capable of achieving.”

gee whiz, thanks! see you Saturday!

amazing show last night at aux arts. the last one in Chicago for 2016 is Saturday November 19th, Subterranean. we’re playing early, show is at 7pm.

that’s 36 shows in 6 cities in our first whole year as a band. wowee!

credit Lee V. Gaines

Auxiliary Art Center: November 5th, 2016. Photo by Lee V. Gaines.

first off, thanks to everyone who came out for the Logan Square Food Truck Social! it was great fun.

thanks dave

now, two pieces of cassette-related news:

1: WE ARE SO SORRY FOR THE MANUFACTURING DELAYS! All sorts of things were going wrong in printing. But our tapes are finally on the way and the super fancy first edition high-bias chrome Dear God, Bring The Doom cassettes will be in the mail truck on their way to you next Tuesday, 10/25. Something spooky to look forward to for Halloween.

2: we are SOLD OUT of the limited edition/handmade Don’t Think It’s Needed tape as of this week! Thanks to all who bought one, and we hope you enjoy the sounds. I guess it’s time to make some CDs or something.

You can purchase the Dear God, Bring The Doom cassette online through Gezellig Records herehttp://gezelligrecords.com/releases/dear-god-bring-the-doom

3 shows left for 2016: Hostel Earphoria 10/28, Aux Arts 11/5, and SubT 11/19. hope to see you at one or all of them!

– pursley, db, eric



come celebrate the release with some free tunes at Bric-a-Brac, we’re playing around 4:30. they have lots of exclusive cassettes available because it’s CASSETTE STORE DAY! due to some manufacturing delays we don’t have DGBTD tapes yet but we still got about a half-dozen of the limited edition old ones (don’t think/needed) left…

thanks so much to everyone who preordered the album. we are rushing to get the physical cassettes in our hands to send to you next week! we love you all and are extremely happy to have this out in the world.

-pursley, db, eric