NO MEN – Dear God, Bring the Doom – Dark, smoky, gothic post-punk and bright, danceable, energetic punk rock all at the same time. They have a similar output to MX-80 SOUND or the full generational spectrum of KILLING JOKE: bright gain-y bass that carries a lot of the melody and guitar, spilling into the crest of the energy, all riled up underneath calm and dark vocals, until the whole thing takes off when she starts shouting. It’s a tape that’ll get you excited about your death wish and proud of your darkness. (MD) (10-song cassette, lyrics not included, no-men.bandcamp.com)

Click the picture to snag the zine for $2.99.

we have a nice little writeup in the Chicago Reader pre-Ian’s Party throwdown Saturday the 7th.

“No Men balance succinct songwriting with a rage that threatens to boil over…”

“haunting vocals [&] high-voltage guitars… amplify each song’s shock beyond what No Men’s volume is otherwise capable of achieving.”

gee whiz, thanks! see you Saturday!

amazing show last night at aux arts. the last one in Chicago for 2016 is Saturday November 19th, Subterranean. we’re playing early, show is at 7pm.

that’s 36 shows in 6 cities in our first whole year as a band. wowee!

credit Lee V. Gaines

Auxiliary Art Center: November 5th, 2016. Photo by Lee V. Gaines.