we have a nice little writeup in the Chicago Reader pre-Ian’s Party throwdown Saturday the 7th.

“No Men balance succinct songwriting with a rage that threatens to boil over…”

“haunting vocals [&] high-voltage guitars… amplify each song’s shock beyond what No Men’s volume is otherwise capable of achieving.”

gee whiz, thanks! see you Saturday!

amazing show last night at aux arts. the last one in Chicago for 2016 is Saturday November 19th, Subterranean. we’re playing early, show is at 7pm.

that’s 36 shows in 6 cities in our first whole year as a band. wowee!

credit Lee V. Gaines

Auxiliary Art Center: November 5th, 2016. Photo by Lee V. Gaines.

first off, thanks to everyone who came out for the Logan Square Food Truck Social! it was great fun.

thanks dave

now, two pieces of cassette-related news:

1: WE ARE SO SORRY FOR THE MANUFACTURING DELAYS! All sorts of things were going wrong in printing. But our tapes are finally on the way and the super fancy first edition high-bias chrome Dear God, Bring The Doom cassettes will be in the mail truck on their way to you next Tuesday, 10/25. Something spooky to look forward to for Halloween.

2: we are SOLD OUT of the limited edition/handmade Don’t Think It’s Needed tape as of this week! Thanks to all who bought one, and we hope you enjoy the sounds. I guess it’s time to make some CDs or something.

You can purchase the Dear God, Bring The Doom cassette online through Gezellig Records herehttp://gezelligrecords.com/releases/dear-god-bring-the-doom

3 shows left for 2016: Hostel Earphoria 10/28, Aux Arts 11/5, and SubT 11/19. hope to see you at one or all of them!

– pursley, db, eric