Chicago Reader: No Men summon a demon to fight climate change in their new video

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No Men are one of Chicago’s most idiosyncratic bands, mixing doom-metal walls of sound, punk velocity, and a pinch of hooky new wave—this wolf wouldn’t be surprised to find Missing Persons in the trio’s collection! No Men also have a thing for “killer” videos—in 2016 they collaborated with director Greg Reigh on a bloody Dario Argento-esque short for the rabid “Stay Dumb.” They’ve been working with Reigh again on a video for “Sucker,” which bassist DB describes as “a twisted-up western about abuse of power and environmental degradation, with some witchcraft and demon shit.” On Wednesday, September 4, No Men play a Sleeping Village show that’s also a video premiere; in November, “Sucker” will appear on their new album for Let’s Pretend Records, Hell Was Full So We Came Back. – / View the article here!!