Columbus Alive: Chicago noise trio No Men (sort of) predicted this social and political hellscape

By Andy Downing

The band follows prophetic 2016 album ‘Dear God, Bring the Doom’ with cathartic ‘Hell Was Full So We Came Back’

In October 2016, No Men released its debut album, Dear God, Bring the Doom, a title that feels a bit on the nose, in retrospect, preceding as it did the election of President Donald Trump by roughly a month.

Since the last presidential contest, these social and political ills have only continued to swell, seeping into the Chicago noise trio’s most recent long-player, Hell Was Full So We Came Back, released in 2019. Throughout the album, unnamed enemies (“You want to destroy us all,” singer Pursley offers on one song) and a lingering generalized unease (“I just don’t feel myself today,” she sighs on another) combine to paint a picture of an existence fighting back from the brink.