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Band Camp Daily: For Fans Of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

By Max Savage Levenson / Read article at daily.bandcamp.com Despite its fatalistic title, Dear God, Bring the Doom, the 2016 release from the Chicago punk trio No Men, is a really good time. Full-throttle tracks like “W.A.B.D.M.Y.C.” (featuring the endearing count-in “One, two, one, two, fuck you!”) and the Krautrock-infused “Stay Dumb” are utterly infectious and seem built to fuel mosh pits, while the menacing churn of “Hell is Real” is nonetheless as ecstatic as Led Zeppelin at their fiercest. And like King Gizzard’s own forays into punk, No Men have crafted a record with enough variety to keep it engaging from start to finish: “Brut,” for instance, leans into a brutal wallop before shifting into stadium-size riff territory, and the creepy “Deeper” highlights the band’s ability to work an earworm into an otherwise clobbering composition.

Ooze Fest @ Empty Bottle

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Ooze Fest 2021


Bits of thoughts and photos by Douglass Dresher
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One of the great aspects of seeing popular bands play is the opportunity to see the opening bands as well. Better than relying on Spotify for recommendations, one of the levels of trust a fan can have with a headline act is the band’s ability to pick a good opener.

Such an event took place at the Screaming Females show on Saturday at White Eagle Hall, in Jersey City New Jersey.

One of the opening acts, No Men, brought the gut-kicking fist to the teeth performances that make the opening act an amazing experience. If you missed this, then you missed a good one.

I have never heard of No Men before that evening. This three-piece from Chicago via Texas, and representing themselves as the opposite of a “Yes Men” offered their set with a full-throated, full-volume, confident, and sustained set of high energy percussive punch. Pursley (vocals, drums), DB (bass), and Eric H. (drums), produce their guttural, no guitar sound. I would argue, however, that the “bass” which is a Fender VII, is a six-string bass/guitar which looks like a bigger version of a Fender Jaguar. So while it may be a “bass,” DB played it more like a percussive style guitar tuned an octave lower than a standard guitar. But that is just me being a gear geek.

Anyway –

The band’s sound reminds me of a mix of the old NYC “No Wave” music scene mixed with the vocals of Kristin Hersh via a more percussive version of 50 Foot Wave… you are welcome to disagree.

Their music is a low-end aggressive punch in the gut, heavy, super-heavy, and extra super heavy rumble. Their latest release is, ‘Hell Was Full So We Came Back’ on Let’s Pretend Records. Their first release was, “Dear God, Bring the Doom.”

A note on the performance – wow! But please God – can we have more than just the standard red stage light!!!!!

Columbus Alive: Chicago noise trio No Men (sort of) predicted this social and political hellscape

By Andy Downing

The band follows prophetic 2016 album ‘Dear God, Bring the Doom’ with cathartic ‘Hell Was Full So We Came Back’

In October 2016, No Men released its debut album, Dear God, Bring the Doom, a title that feels a bit on the nose, in retrospect, preceding as it did the election of President Donald Trump by roughly a month.

Since the last presidential contest, these social and political ills have only continued to swell, seeping into the Chicago noise trio’s most recent long-player, Hell Was Full So We Came Back, released in 2019. Throughout the album, unnamed enemies (“You want to destroy us all,” singer Pursley offers on one song) and a lingering generalized unease (“I just don’t feel myself today,” she sighs on another) combine to paint a picture of an existence fighting back from the brink.


Questioning Everything: A Q&A With NO MEN

thanks for asking us the tuff Q’s sage!!  Read the interview here.

NO MEN are a booming punk band out of Chicago, IL. With the power of dual drums and a sturdy bass, they’re anything but a boy band. Since they’re not “talkers”, we chatted via email about guitar rock, horror movies, and their new album, Hell Was Full So We Came Back.

Order No Men ‘Hell Was Full, So We Came Back’ LP Out Nov. 15th

This is a very limited pressing of 300 translucent orange LP’s in black dust sleeves, in full color art and insert w/ a download code. CD and TAPE available on State Champion Records.

“HELL WAS FULL SO WE CAME BACK” is the sophomore full-length effort from Chicago noisemakers NO MEN, an album full of unrelenting sound and fury that embraces all things heavy. This is an album that doesn’t stay in one place for long and drags you with it. From the breakneck thrash of tracks like “EVIL” and “UNINVITED” that might invoke sonic comparisons to Motorhead, Lightning Bolt or Rocket from the Tombs, to moody slow burners like the Morricone-tinged “WHEN I’M DEAD” and anthemic “SUCKER”, NO MEN explore an eclectic and electric palette of sounds. Fuzzed-out bass and crushing drums provide the backdrop for Siouxsiesque vocals alternating between sultry and seething, with lyrics touching on all the usual themes of frustration, depression, heartbreak, and righteous indignation that goes with living in 2019 America. Hell doesn’t sound so bad after all.

Hell Was Full So We Came Back - No Men