Date City Venue
07/20/24 Chicago, IL Ravenswood On Tap
w/ French Police, Serengeti, Bnny, Kill Scenes, The Microphone Misfitz, Guardrail, La Rosa Noir, One for the Ditch, Lawrence Tome
08/24/24 Chicago, IL The Salt Shed
w/ The Dillinger Escape Plan, Trash Talk, Secret Chiefs 3, and The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die Buy Tickets


Date City Venue
06/15/24 Chicago, IL Cobra Lounge
w/ Celler Dwellar, Fetishist, SCUF
05/26/24 Lafayette, IN People’s Brewing Company
w/ S.N.A.F.U., The Mound Builders, GPD
04/20/24 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen
“Fear This” Vinyl Release Show w/ La Rosa Noir, Plum, Tension Pets
11/03/23 Chicago, IL Sleeping Village
w/ Djunah, Ovef Ow
10/27/23 Chicago, IL The Fallout
EBXCIII PRESENTS w/ Cel Ray, Shotgun Funeral, Yada Yada, The Stinkeyes
08/04/23 Chicago, IL Liar’s Club
w/ Edging, Abject Horror, Vang!
07/22/23 Chicago, IL Ravenswood On Tap
w/ Dos Santos, Serengeti, CalicoLoco, Bev Rage and the Drinks, Elton Aura, Dan Rico. Ravenswood and Berteau Avenues, Ravenswood Corridor.
07/07/23 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
w/ Pussy Gillette
06/23/23 Chicago, IL Sleeping Village
Logan Square Arts Fest Aftershow w/ Spiritual Cramp, Defcee.
04/22/23 Chicago, IL Schubas
w/ Heet Deth, Bussy Kween Power Trip
01/27/23 Chicago, IL Trash Palace
w/ Scuf, AKA Jupiter
09/17/22 Milwaukee, WI Bay View Bash
w/ Convert, L’eclair and many many more awesome bands.
08/13/22 Chicago, IL Schubas
w/ Bev Rage & the Drinks
07/22/22 Chicago, IL Cole’s
w/ Dog Date, je’raf
06/17/22 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
w/ Absolutely Not (Final Show), Eye Vybe (DJ Set)
11/20/21 Chicago, IL Cole’s
w/ S-E-R-V-I-C-E
10/15/21 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
Ooze Fest 2021 w/ Oozing Wound, Melissa, Cemetery
09/10/21 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen
w/ Lydia Lunch Retrovirus
07/23/21 Chicago, IL Wicker Park Fest
Time: 7:45pm. North Stage w/ Masked Intruder & The Blind Staggers
03/06/20 Chicago, IL Virgin Hotel
In the upstairs speakeasy (25th floor – 9pm) w/ Rad Payoff, Brian Viper
02/28/20 Chicago, IL Sleeping Village
w/ Bambara
02/23/20 Pittsburgh, PA Spirit
w/ Calyx, Aino Sisko
02/22/20 Jersey City, NJ White Eagle Hall
Screaming Females Annual Garden Party w/ Screaming Females, Mal Blum, Radioactivity
02/21/20 Lancaster, PA Station One Center for the Arts
w/ NICE, Bison Squad, My Body The Hand Grenade
02/20/20 Columbus, OH Dirty Dungarees
w/ Phlox, Wasp Factory
01/04/20 Chicago, IL Chop Shop
Ian’s Party 2020 w/ Rezn, Brokedowns, Paper Mice, Rash, Salvation, Lung
12/11/19 Beloit, WI WBCR Fest
w/ Pixel Grip, Lower Lip Drip, Asbestos Lead Asbestos
11/27/19 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
w/ Ganser, Salvation, Luggage
10/31/19 Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall
Record Release Show w/ Clickbait, Bleach Party
10/25/19 Springfield, MO Bud Palace
w/ Slugs
10/24/19 Lawerence, KS Replay Lounge
w/ Tokeback Mountain, Nunya
10/23/19 Denton, TX J&J’s Pizza on the Square
w/ Pollen, Sexual Jeremy, Candy
10/21/19 Austin, TX Cheer Up Charlies
w/ Super Thief, Observer
10/19/19 Tulsa, OK The Whittier Bar
w/ Girls Club, Plastic Psalms
10/18/19 Carbondale, IL Ski House
w/ Planet Witch, Shitty Mickey, and Kevin Speir
09/21/19 Chicago, IL Observatory
Decibel Crawl Fest 2019 w/ Free Snacks, Street Tentacle, Nate Barksdale
09/04/19 Chicago, IL Sleeping Village
w/ Wet Wallet, Underwire
07/21/19 Chicago, IL Reed’s Local
w/ Mad Doctors, Pylons
07/17/19 Chicago, IL Schubas
w/ Oginalii and Douglas Slur
06/29/19 Chicago, IL Logan Square Arts Festival
06/14/19 Bloomington, IL Midwest Punk Fest
w/ DIRECT HIT!, 88 Fingers Louie, The Dollyrots, Canadian Rifle, MakeWar, Park, Brendan Kelly
05/23/19 Chicago, IL Caliwaukee North
w/ Skip Church, The Hussy, Pylons
05/10/19 Chicago, IL Cole’s
w/ Grlwood, Wet Wallet
05/07/19 Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall
w/ Iceage, Nadah El Shazly
03/23/19 Chicago, IL The Hideout
Dear God, Bring The Doom LP Release Show w/ Rad Payoff, Evening Standards
03/02/19 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
w/ Absolutely Not, Paper Mice
02/23/19 Ann Arbor, MI Lo-Fi Bar
w/ Junglefowl, Towner, Little Traps
02/22/19 Lansing, MI The Revival Annex Project – TRaP Lansing
w/ Sojii, Lonely Arms, Symptoms
02/06/19 Chicago, IL Gman Tavern
“It’s Raining Femme” w/ Jovan Landry, Erzulie
01/05/19 Chicago, IL Subterranean
Ian’s Party 2019 – Upstairs – 11:45pm
12/31/18 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen
w/ Screaming Females, Blizzard Babies
11/25/18 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
w/ Chastity, Material Girls
11/03/18 Madison, WI Communication
w/ Dumb Vision (LP release), Proud Parents
10/13/18 Chicago, IL Archer Ballroom
w/ Sexual Jeremy, Borzoi, Bobby Conn, Vibrating Skull Trio
09/29/18 Chicago, IL Subterranean
w/ A Deer A Horse, Touched by Ghoul
09/08/18 Chicago, IL Gman Tavern
w/ The Florists, Not For You
08/25/18 Chicago, IL Green Mill
Time: 3:00pm. The Paper Machete
08/14/18 Chicago, IL Sleeping Village
w/ Avantist, Pussy Foot
07/24/18 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
w/ Lumps, Pylons
07/06/18 Chicago, IL Steppenwolf Theatre
Yes to NO: An Evening of Rock + Resistance. A rock benefit for Chicago youth empowerment charities. w/ The Cell Phones and no.no.no.NO
06/23/18 Chicago, IL Reggies
w/ Mudqueens, Lil Tits, Eiffel Tower
06/16/18 Cincinnati, OH Urban Artifact
Breakfest 2018: w/ Lipstick Fashion, Eugenius, Lung, Third Seven and many, many more awesome bands.
06/15/18 Pittsburgh, PA The Shop
Ladyfest Pittsburgh 2018 w/ Derider, Sheena & Thee Nosebleeds, late., Ayana Sade, Britney Chantele
06/14/18 Harrisburg, PA Maennerchor
w/ Bleeders, Baby Brains, Porklord
06/13/18 Brooklyn, NY Secret Project Robot
w/ A Deer A Horse, The Mad Doctors, Ted’s Dead
06/12/18 New Brunswick, NJ In The West
w/ Resounding No, Sweaty
06/11/18 Easthampton, MA Flywheel Arts Collective
w/ Perennial, Fred Cracklin
06/09/18 Toronto, Ontario Handlebar
w/ WLMRT, Smooches, Slutcode
06/08/18 Ann Arbor, MI Arbor Vitae
Address: 336 1/2 State St. w/ Ian Fink, King Milo
05/25/18 Chicago, IL Reed’s Local
w/ Bev Rage & the Drinks, Super SonicSpace Rebels
04/28/18 Nashville, TN Betty’s Grill
w/ Donors, Peachy
04/27/18 Memphis, TN Bar DKDC
w/ Aquarian Blood, Relaxer
04/26/18 Bloomington, IN Blockhouse Bar
w/ Full Sun, Middle Children, Hyper Tensions
04/02/18 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
w/ Absolutely Not, Dumb Vision
03/15/18 Chicago, IL The Owl
w/ Luggage, Gentle Leader
03/10/18 Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall
w/ Screaming Females, Radiator Hospital
02/16/18 Chicago, IL Cole’s
w/ Pussy Foot, Daysee
02/10/18 Chicago Co-Prosperity Sphere
w/ Wet Wallet, Riesgo, Brick Assassin, Psychic Drag
01/07/18 Chicago, IL Ian’s Party
w/ Meat Wave, Rich Jones, Lil Tits, Montrose Man, Drool, Chicken Happen
12/22/17 Chicago, IL Cafe Mustache
w/ Salvation, Sophagus, Slopers
11/17/17 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
Glitter Creeps 3 Year Anniversary w/ The Cell Phones and Montrose Man! Hosted by Lucy Stoole!
10/31/17 Chicago, IL Schubas
Time: 9:00pm. Admission: $FREE. Age restrictions: 21+. w/ The Bombats, Darcy Lynn, special guest TBA – OUR CUT 7″ RECORD RELEASE SHOW! More information
10/21/17 Chicago, IL Quenchers
Benefit for Yollocalli w/ Salvation, High Priests, Heavy Medz
10/13/17 Chicago, IL Logan Square Auditorium
WARBLE DAZE w/ Yoko and the Oh No’s, Steelis, Levitation Room, Lucille Furs, The Voluptuals
08/28/17 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
w/ Yeesh, Drool, Nouveau
08/26/17 Chicago, IL East Room
Bric A Brac’s Scummer Slam w/Okmoniks, Aquarian Blood, Dana, Erik Nervous, Ko, Spodee Bay, and many many more…
08/11/17 Chicago, IL The Hideout
w/ Fake Limbs, The Conformists, DEN
07/30/17 Chicago, IL Wicker Park Fest
w/ Piebald, JEFF The Brotherhood, The Coathangers, Brick+Mortar, Bonzie, Lifted Bells
07/29/17 Chicago, IL Fed Up Fest
w/ Tina Panic Noise, Fstfckr, Trash Lobster, V.E.X., Cloudgayzer, Royal Brat, Trap Girl, Blacker Face
07/27/17 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen
w/ The Coathangers, Residuels
07/20/17 Chicago, IL Chop Shop
w/ Lydia Lunch Retrovirus
07/05/17 Columbus, OH Ace of Cups
w/ DANA, WV White, Not For You
07/04/17 Washington, DC Black Cat
w/ Hemlines, Femme Flag
07/03/17 Philadelphia, PA Century
w/ Westboro Baptist Choir, The Up! Up! Ups!
07/02/17 New York, NY East Williamsburg Econo Lodge
w/ Shop Talk, Super FM, Mad Doctors
07/01/17 Pittsburgh, PA Gooski’s
w/ The Lopez, Derider
06/30/17 Bloomington, IN Blockhouse Bar
w/ Jackson VanHorn, Buttzz
06/23/17 Chicago, IL Reed’s Local
w/ Diagonal, Looms
05/30/17 Chicago, IL Schubas
Free Show w/ WAD
05/27/17 Chicago, IL Club Soda
w/ Not For You, Beastii, Swampers
05/21/17 Chicago, IL Eco
w/ DANA, Daymaker, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate
05/13/17 Madison, WI Mickey’s Tavern
w/ Fire Heads, Harlequins
05/12/17 Minneapolis, MN The Cabin
w/ Florists, Tact
05/06/17 Chicago, IL Humboldt Park Library
2pm w/ Gas Mask Horse
04/28/17 Chicago, IL Quenchers
w/ Rad Payoff, Salvation, Rat Hammer
04/08/17 Chicago, IL Charm School
w/ Baby Money & the Down Payments, Avantist, Bloodhype
04/01/17 Chicago, IL The Burlington
Frontwoman Fest 2017 w/ Jovan Landry, The Cell Phones, So Pretty, Red’s Garden, Sports Boyfriend, Pixel Grip and so many more awesome bands!
03/31/17 Chicago, IL Bric-a-Brac Records
In Store Performance w/ The Lopez
03/18/17 Chicago, IL Cole’s
Free Show w/ Absolutely Not, Wad
02/20/17 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
Dumpster Tapes Presents… Free Show w/ Son Of A Gun, Parent, Cass Cwik
02/06/17 Chicago, IL Emporium Wicker Park
Free Show w/ Dumb Vision, Wolfpac
01/21/17 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen
NO WALLS: A Benefit for Marginalized Chicago Communities / with Troubled Hubble, Mother Nature, The Avantist, Chris Sutter (of Meat Wave)
01/07/17 Chicago, IL Chop Shop
Ian’s Party 2017 w/ The Brokedowns, Negative Scanner, Bust!, Milly Mango, Elephant Gun, The Please and Thank Yous
11/19/16 Chicago, IL Subterranean
Admission: $8. w/ ONO, Shop Talk, Casper Skulls @ Downstairs More information
11/05/16 Chicago, IL The Auxiliary Art Center
w/ The Cell Phones, Toranavox, DROOL
10/28/16 Chicago, IL Hostel Earphoria
The Upside Down // The Hostel Halloween – w/ GLAD RAGS, JXL
10/15/16 Chicago, IL Logan Square Food Truck Social
Time: 5:30pm. w/ The Hecks, Dave Davison (of Maps and Atlases), Steve Gunn and Jim Elkington Duo, Troubled Hubble. $5 donation. Humboldt Blvd. btw Armitage and Bloomingdale.
10/08/16 Chicago, IL Bric-a-Brac Records
in-store performance. cassette store day.
10/02/16 Chicago, IL Crown Liquors
Admission: FREE. Age restrictions: 21+. w/ So Pretty More information
09/15/16 Chicago, IL The Hideout
Time: 9:00pm. Admission: $8. Age restrictions: 21+. w/ Iska Dhaaf, Ganser
09/10/16 Chicago, IL Club Soda
w/ Not For You, Longface, Date Stuff
08/28/16 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $10. Age restrictions: 17+ w/ID. w/ Chain of Flowers, Staring Problem, Salvation
08/26/16 Chicago, IL Cole’s
Chicago Singles Club w/ Enter Light, McFabulous, DNC: The Musical
08/20/16 Chicago, IL Club Soda
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $5. w/ Izzy True, OOPS, and Pantyhose
08/17/16 Chicago, IL Double Door
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: $8. Age restrictions: 17+ w/ID. w/ Kitten Forever, Royal Brat, Swimsuit Addition
07/23/16 Chicago, IL The Auxiliary Art Center
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $7. Age restrictions: 21+ BYOB. w/ Ribbonhead, Tunic, Garbage Friends, Slopers
07/20/16 Chicago, IL Quenchers
w/ Nemesisters, The Breathing Light, Jackson VanHorn
07/09/16 Chicago, IL Citlalin Gallery
O+ Festival w/ The Avantist, KWOE
07/07/16 Chicago, IL Township
w/ Rat Hammer, Salvation, Ribbonhead
07/02/16 Chicago, IL Observatory
w/ Heat Death, Flash Flash Comfort, Sophagus
06/17/16 Chicago, IL House of Heavy Petting
w/ Casual Burn, GlamHag, Vaccuum
06/10/16 Chicago, IL The Burlington
w/ Horrible, Roach Beach, Beachoven
05/10/16 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
w/ Chain and the Gang, Clearance
04/26/16 Chicago, IL Subterranean
w/ Shop Talk, Ganser, Salvation
04/07/16 Chicago, IL The Owl
w/ Bob Nastanovich of Pavement (DJ Set) and Schwervon
03/26/16 Chicago, IL The Dojo
w/ The Avantist
03/17/16 Austin, TX Nomad
Time: 5:45pm.
03/17/16 Austin, TX Todd’s Mansion
Time: 1:30pm. w/ Guerilla Toss and a shit load of other bands.
03/16/16 Austin, TX 100 Pizzitas
Time: 7:00pm.
03/16/16 Austin, TX Hotel Vegas Annex
Time: 4:00pm. w/ Milezo, Shilpa Ray, Crocodile Tears, Yonatan Gat
03/15/16 Houston, TX Satellite
w/ Creepoid, Spit Mask, Narrow Head, Cabin Man
03/13/16 Memphis, TN Murphy’s Pub
w/ Cabin Man, Super FM, Data Drums
03/12/16 Knoxville, TN The 1400
w/ The New Romantics, Cabin Man
03/11/16 Chicago, IL Maus Haus
w/ Smoker, Cabin Man, Aces, Yikes
03/10/16 Milwaukee, WI Riverwest Public House
w/ Cabin Man
02/21/16 Chicago, IL Crown Liquors
w/ Brontosaurus
01/28/16 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
w/ Mirror Coat, Horrible
01/14/16 Chicago, IL The Mutiny
w/ Commander Keen, Pumpkinseed, Glittertiger
12/23/15 Chicago, IL The Burlington
w/ Jackson Van Horn, ACES